Let’s Bounce!

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Greetings and Happy New Year!

I’m excited to announce the launch of Bounce, the official blog for my burgeoning content marketing consulting firm, Bahafis Creative.  Inspired by the Pinterest boards I’ve been curating for the company over the last few weeks, Bounce is a space where you can discover ideas, novel approaches, and tools regarding the growing field of content marketing.

Outbrain Report: The State of Content Marketing, 2012

So, what is content marketing?  Some new fandangled phrase for marketing and PR.

Kinda sorta.  In a nut shell, it’s all the stuff used to tell a brand’s story.  For example, when you land on a company’s website, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, video, or blog, the goal is to encourage visitors to stay for a spell by giving them a reason to learn more about the organization’s brand, people, values, mission, products, and services.  The content marketing tactics used vary widely, however, those with the most bang for your buck fall into the following categories (at least for now):

  • blogs
  • stories (i.e., article, infographic, slideshows, etc.)
  • videos (i.e., mini-documentaries, webisodes)
  • eNewsletters
  • social media (i.e, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • events (in-person and virtual)

If done well, visitors will be so enticed by the compelling, witty, and versatile sights and sounds of the company’s many stories, they’ll eventually show their appreciation by engaging in some sort of way (i.e., a Facebook like or comment; a Twitter follow or RT; a blog repost or comment, eNewsletter subscription, eBook download, product/service purchase, etc.).

For an interesting take on how content marketing has been and continues to be used to ignite one legendary hip-hop group’s brand and keep fans tuned-in, bounce to my post Wu-Tang Clan Personifies Content Marketing.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a peaceful, positive, and productive new year and beyond.  Now let’s bounce!

Technology’s paradox

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Technology is simultaneously burning and building bridges between humans.

Not having any children, it’s always interesting to hear the trials and tribulations parents and their children are going through in the new millenium.  One of the most fascinating stressors appears to be the infiltration of technology and how how its changing the way kids seek information – previously only doled out by the sage advice from parents.  In this sense, technology (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms, etc.) is driving a virtual wedge between the time-honored tradition of children turning to their parents for advice and information.

While at the same time, technology has brought the world’s citizens closer together.

This blog, for example, will be read by people I will NEVER never meet in person.  However, I’m able to directly communicate with those same individuals who may live on the other side of the planet 😯 – how amazing is that?

This week’s events surrounding the SOPA/PIPA bills, in my opinion, epitomized the essence of this paradox. Regulating our ability to do what?


Bahafis Buzz

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What a beautiful day!  The hawk is out in the ATL, but, at least it’s clear and sunny.

Started off with stretching, lite cleaning (so nice to have time to do that in the morning), sending Dom off with a healthy lunch, and stumbling upon yet another cool tool –

Of course, I had to publish my own online paper Bahafis Buzz – how cool is that!  Featuring tweets from me and the people I follow.  Check out “Daily Buzz” on the right side bar and let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful day!