PR Crypt

I’m fascinated by how company’s get themselves into and out of public relation nightmares. In honor of this – and my favorite cult classic – I bring you “Tales from the PR Crypt” – a space dedicated to the brave souls who bear the weight of handling PR nightmares.  Alternative solutions and commentary are much appreciated.

Apple @ $500
Apple - FLA investigation

Strange Coincidence

The same day Apple, Inc. reached its highest share price, the company requested a special investigation from the Fair Labor Association to examine the working conditions at its Foxconn factories in China after a slew of suicides and complaints of poor working conditions.


Apple joins FLA
Supplier Responsibility at Apple
Fair Labor Association investigation

Made in China [Video – New York Times]

Should Apple be held accountable for Foxconn‘s labor violations?  I think not!  Is it normal for an American company to be called on the carpet for infractions its foreign suppliers are committing against its labor force?  Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronics juggernaut  that manufactures products for every major technology company in the world (e.g., Microsoft, Toshiba, Nintendo, Sony, HP, Intel, Acer, etc.).  They’re facilities are regulated by the governments they operate in, not the company’s they contract with, right?  If any entity should bare the brunt of addressing the labor violations at Foxconn, it should be the Chinese government and the global technology industry.  Singling out Apple is not the answer.

The Old “Switcheroo

Susan G. Komen: Setting the Record Straight
Susan G. Komen Statement

Susan G. Komen for the Cure halts all partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates because of recently adopted criteria that forbid it from funding any organization under government investigation.


YouTube: “Straight Talk with Ambassador Brinker” (Very passionate and honest response.)

Reverse Decision (The one thing that bothers me about this statement is the time honored tradition of apologizing.  Why apologize?  Just say, “We listened to our constituents and have reversed the decision.”)

Who’s to Blame

Damaged hull of Costa Concordia

A captain for Carnival Corp‘s Costa Concordia capsizes cruise ship off the Western coast of Italy, killing at least 32 and injuring/traumatizing scores of other passengers.


$14,500 compensation for each passenger

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