Should you follow McDonald’s if you’re a vegetarian?

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Check out my latest blog post on my digital storytelling blog, BOUNCE, to find out how a potato farmer named Frank Martinez convinced a vegetarian to support McDonald’s.



Plasma Emitting Flashlight Heals Wounds

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In a disaster zone, whether it’s the aftermath of a tornado or on a battleground, emergency medical personnel have to work fast to save lives. In an effort to speed good care, scientists have developed a handheld, battery-operated “flashlight” that can instantly sterilize wounds by beaming plasma at bacteria.

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A Tip from a Former Smoker: Allow extra time to put on your legs. CDC: Tip from a Former Smoker A Tip from a Former Smoker: After you have a lung removed take short breaths. CDC: Quit Smoking Campaign

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Number of calls to 1-800-QUIT-NOW, a toll-free number that helps people quit smoking, last week — the first week of the CDC’s $54 million graphic antismoking ad campaign. The phone line had received fewer than 14,500 calls the week before. Views of the government’s quit-smoking website also rose, from about 20,000 to about 66,000. These are the largest spikes in traffic that the seven-year-old phone line and website have ever seen. [via Associated Press]

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Apple Agrees to Labor Reforms After ‘Serious’ Foxconn Violations

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Should Apple, Sony, HP, Microsoft – or any of the numerous consumer electronic companies that use Foxconn as their supplier – be held responsible for their suppliers’ labor practices? Isn’t it ultimately the responsibility of that company and its country’s government to regulate and ensure its citizens are being treated fairly?

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After months of growing scrutiny over its labor practices, Apple has agreed to implement reforms following an independent audit that discovered major violations in the sprawling Chinese factories that produce iPhones and iPads. The report, conducted by the Fair Labor Association, comes as Apple seeks to diffuse criticism about labor conditions at Foxconn following a rash of worker suicides and industrial accidents.

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