Create animated videos with GoAnimate

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As a budding small business owner and technophile, I’m constantly in search of digital tools that allows me to build and grow a successful virtual business.  I stumbled upon GoAnimate a few months ago and I highly recommend it for any aspiring content creator looking to promote an array of entertaining, animated videos for your business or school project.

I decided to test it out by producing “Engage” to promote my budding new strategic communications firm, Bahafis Creative.  Designed using a call-in show format, “Engage” is hosted by Babs (my virtual self) and will offer brief tutorials about the plethora of tools content strategist, creators and curators can use to produce engaging online experiences.  Let me know what you think and check out GoAnimate!


It’s the new crack, but it’s NOT wack

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Paying a tongue-in-cheek homage to this week’s launch of yet another addictive Apple product that will undoubtedly sell millions within the first day, I was inspired to create this graphic to display the seemingly fiend like behavior some people have towards Apple products.

Apple iPad Mini meme

How Apple responds to a PR nightmare

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While some would say it’s a wise move, others would say never admit to failure. Keeping in line with the ‘move to the beat of my own drum’ culture Apple has come to be known for, Tim Cook offers an apology for the failed map app that’s triggered an avalanche of complaints.

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After reading the comments regarding Tim Cook’s apology letter, I thought to myself,

what would Steve’s critique of Tim’s letter look like if he were still alive?

Does Apple have a racial-profiling policy?

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    1. Shocking as it may sound, Iranian customers at the Apple Stores in the North Point Mall and Perimeter Mall in Georgia were told they could not purchase products after an employee heard them speaking Farsi. Huh (scratching head)?
      You have to see it to believe it.
    2. The ambiguity of this seemingly discriminatory policy prompted a press release from the National Iranian American Council. “Unfortunately, this is part of an escalating pattern in which increasingly broad sanctions on Iran are hitting the wrong people,” says Policy Director Jamal Abdi. 
    3. What are Twitter and Facebook users saying?
    4. keyvan
      Really happy there are many open-minded Americans who are blaming Apple for its discrimination against Iranians. Thanks for spreading it.

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 15:12:30
    5. jalalaref
      I have a feeling Apple’s facing some serious lawsuit for failure of the employee to sell an iPad to Iranian fella speaking in Farsi #AAPL

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:42:40
    6. Brandon Hamil McKerley
      Wow, this is a bit much and I suspect will get the company/sales rep in more than a little hot water.

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:26:29
    7. Raymond Whelan
      First we had the Soup Nazi, now the Apple products Nazi – Ha!

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:29:08

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Liquidmetal, the dawn of a new era in ‘elastic hardware’

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  1. Ever heard of Liquidmetal?  Apple has and it may be used in the next generation of its mobile devices.
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    Liquidmetal – Technology demo

    Sun, May 13 2007 08:41:54
  3. Swirling around the net are rumors about the possibility of Apple using Liquidmetal in its new iPhone/Macbook 
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    NEW Liquid Metal iPhone

    Thu, Apr 19 2012 18:59:27
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Read full story on my Storify page.