Bahati Banks

Welcome to Bahati’s virtual wormhole!

Born and raised in San Francisco’s Bayview/Hunter’s Point, my first 24 years were spent romping around the Bay Area and building a dynamic career in strategic communications, youth development/social justice and philanthropy.

Proud Gen-X‘er, I’m about peace, positivity, loving oneself, great music/film/food, technology, sci-fi, humor, health and wellness, service to others, and living life to its fullest.  Currently residing in downtown Atlanta as a digital media/communication specialist with my soul mate, two rad cars and bikes – it’s simpler this way.

This is my first blog (spawned out of free time due to my first day of unemployment) and I’m not quite sure what the outcome of it will be.  I do know that I (a) am a web wonk and (b) love to write and design print/web graphics. I’ve wanted to have an outlet that would allow me to converge the two for awhile, so, here we go.

Share your story INTERACTIVELY

Let me make your stories come to life with an interactive digital portfolio or journal. For many of us, the greater part of our lives have been spent interacting with the Internet.  So much so, that bits of our lives have become scattered across the webosphere – and it’s waiting to be used to promote you!

Take a look at the digital career portfolio I designed for myself – it takes your boring resume to the digital age.
Send me an e-mail bahati@bahatibanks.com if you’re interested in having an interactive journal or portfolio designed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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