Friends helping friends succeed

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I met my best college mate, Mel, the first day I moved into our college dorm, which also happened to be my 18th birthday. Fast forward 18 years and we’re still supporting one another. Only now it’s not exam time, it’s get a job time. And what better way to show our support while capitalizing on our talent than to barter our services. In exchange for a revamped resume, I designed the career infographic below. Seems like a fair trade.


Technology’s paradox

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Technology is simultaneously burning and building bridges between humans.

Not having any children, it’s always interesting to hear the trials and tribulations parents and their children are going through in the new millenium.  One of the most fascinating stressors appears to be the infiltration of technology and how how its changing the way kids seek information – previously only doled out by the sage advice from parents.  In this sense, technology (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms, etc.) is driving a virtual wedge between the time-honored tradition of children turning to their parents for advice and information.

While at the same time, technology has brought the world’s citizens closer together.

This blog, for example, will be read by people I will NEVER never meet in person.  However, I’m able to directly communicate with those same individuals who may live on the other side of the planet 😯 – how amazing is that?

This week’s events surrounding the SOPA/PIPA bills, in my opinion, epitomized the essence of this paradox. Regulating our ability to do what?