Jon “Bones” Jones

Ultimate UFC grudge match coming to the ATL

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  1. Fan (me) inspired by fight custom designs poster in free time. 
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    UFC 145: Jones vs Evans Extended Preview: via @youtube
    Fri, Apr 13 2012 09:37:05
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Read full story on my Storify page.

UFC 145 coming to the ATL

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In honor of UFC 145 coming to Atlanta April 21st, the highly anticipated grudge match between the youngest world light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones and “Suga” Rashad Evans inspired me to create this poster.

My husband inadvertently introduced me to the brutal world of UFC a few years ago through his incessant playing of UFC 2009 Undisputed.  Initially, I was totally grossed out by the blood (and other bodily fluid) stained “Octagon” and gladiator type bloodsport.  However, over time, I began to realize that, unlike traditional boxing, mixed martial arts was a lot more interesting and exciting to watch.  The diversity of fighting skills (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, karate, boxing, etc.) most UFC fighters display, IMO, shows a commitment to a broader range of styles, which makes them more well rounded and extremely conditioned to take on any opponent.