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How Apple responds to a PR nightmare

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While some would say it’s a wise move, others would say never admit to failure. Keeping in line with the ‘move to the beat of my own drum’ culture Apple has come to be known for, Tim Cook offers an apology for the failed map app that’s triggered an avalanche of complaints.

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After reading the comments regarding Tim Cook’s apology letter, I thought to myself,

what would Steve’s critique of Tim’s letter look like if he were still alive?

Apple Technology/Internet Conference

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Apple Technology/Internet Conference

Below are some a-ha! moments I learned from the call:

  • Top priority is to eliminate underage labor in supply chain
  • Would rather be known as a spendthrift company vs. one that throw toga parties
  • Focused on developing a few, great, high quality products
  • Tablets will eventually surpass the PC market, eventually making them obsolete
  • Never holds back on releasing an awesome product, even though it might cannibalize another product

PR Crypt: Apple’s comedy/tragedy

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Strange Coincidence

Here’s a fiendish tale I thought deserved some attention given today’s historic occasion!

Strangely, the same day Apple’s stock price hit a mouth watering $500, it also announced its request to have the Fair Labor Association begin conducting special voluntary audits of its final assembly suppliers, including Foxconn factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China.  This announcement comes after a recent report in the New York Times examining the dangerous conditions workers are subject to in Apple’s iPad and iPhone factories in China and the fatal accidents that could’ve been prevented. Read more.

Apple redefines reality Fair Labor Association Begins Investigation of Foxconn