How Apple responds to a PR nightmare

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While some would say it’s a wise move, others would say never admit to failure. Keeping in line with the ‘move to the beat of my own drum’ culture Apple has come to be known for, Tim Cook offers an apology for the failed map app that’s triggered an avalanche of complaints.

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After reading the comments regarding Tim Cook’s apology letter, I thought to myself,

what would Steve’s critique of Tim’s letter look like if he were still alive?

Liquidmetal, the dawn of a new era in ‘elastic hardware’

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  1. Ever heard of Liquidmetal?  Apple has and it may be used in the next generation of its mobile devices.
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    Liquidmetal – Technology demo

    Sun, May 13 2007 08:41:54
  3. Swirling around the net are rumors about the possibility of Apple using Liquidmetal in its new iPhone/Macbook 
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    NEW Liquid Metal iPhone

    Thu, Apr 19 2012 18:59:27
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Read full story on my Storify page.

Apple Agrees to Labor Reforms After ‘Serious’ Foxconn Violations

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Should Apple, Sony, HP, Microsoft – or any of the numerous consumer electronic companies that use Foxconn as their supplier – be held responsible for their suppliers’ labor practices? Isn’t it ultimately the responsibility of that company and its country’s government to regulate and ensure its citizens are being treated fairly?