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Nurture Your Inner DJ with mixlr

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Bahafis on mixlr

Create animated videos with GoAnimate

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As a budding small business owner and technophile, I’m constantly in search of digital tools that allows me to build and grow a successful virtual business.  I stumbled upon GoAnimate a few months ago and I highly recommend it for any aspiring content creator looking to promote an array of entertaining, animated videos for your business or school project.

I decided to test it out by producing “Engage” to promote my budding new strategic communications firm, Bahafis Creative.  Designed using a call-in show format, “Engage” is hosted by Babs (my virtual self) and will offer brief tutorials about the plethora of tools content strategist, creators and curators can use to produce engaging online experiences.  Let me know what you think and check out GoAnimate!

Friends helping friends succeed

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I met my best college mate, Mel, the first day I moved into our college dorm, which also happened to be my 18th birthday. Fast forward 18 years and we’re still supporting one another. Only now it’s not exam time, it’s get a job time. And what better way to show our support while capitalizing on our talent than to barter our services. In exchange for a revamped resume, I designed the career infographic below. Seems like a fair trade.