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Check out the slew of YouTube videos (thank you YouTube) in each of my new pages:

  • Inspiration: Nuggets of wisdom
  • Groove: Music cures all ailments
  • Ideas: Never stop learning
  • Laughter: Stop and feel your funny bone

Check back for more vids…


Thank you for your support

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Just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and colleagues for your support and encouragement – it means so much to me.

I’ve gained new perspectives about my life/career and learned something new from every single one of you.  I’m looking forward to building stronger bonds in the future.


Updating my blog…stay tuned

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Good morning!

I do believe in the saying “the early bird gets the worm” because I’m an early riser. Is it because I love the mornings? Must be because I think I’m still 3 hours behind.

Seriously, the real reason is because Dom has been an early riser from birth because his mom was an early riser and made her brood get up hella early EVERYDAY to slay the NYC jungle beast.

Thank you Lorna Paris!

Retirement? What’s that?

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New beginnings

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January 17, 2012.  Significance?  First day of unemployment.  First blog.

With LOTS of time on my hands, and an exciting outlook on life, what better way to share your thoughts than to publish them to the digital world.  I’ve wanted to blog for quite some time, but, never felt I had anything to blog about.  Well, today is a new day and I realized I’ve got ALOT I’d like to share (thank you, Internet, for giving me this outlet)!

Today started off with gazing into my loving husband’s eyes and telling him I love him (as I try to do every morning) and reassuring him that I will replace my income as soon as humanly possible :-).  This, of course, will be challenging, we know from first hand experience.

When my hubby (Dom) and I first met at the turn of the century, we lost our jobs within 2 weeks of one another.  It was extremely challenging, just starting a new relationship with no income and all.  Early on in our relationship, however, we knew that regardless of what the circumstances would arise, we would support one another, come hook or crook, because we were each other’s friend, lover and travel mate (AKA – soul mates).  And we did, and have to this day.

Fast forward 11 years later and here we go again.  Things to do today: