Does Apple have a racial-profiling policy?

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Read full story on my Storify page.

    1. Shocking as it may sound, Iranian customers at the Apple Stores in the North Point Mall and Perimeter Mall in Georgia were told they could not purchase products after an employee heard them speaking Farsi. Huh (scratching head)?
      You have to see it to believe it.
    2. The ambiguity of this seemingly discriminatory policy prompted a press release from the National Iranian American Council. “Unfortunately, this is part of an escalating pattern in which increasingly broad sanctions on Iran are hitting the wrong people,” says Policy Director Jamal Abdi. 
    3. What are Twitter and Facebook users saying?
    4. keyvan
      Really happy there are many open-minded Americans who are blaming Apple for its discrimination against Iranians. Thanks for spreading it.

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 15:12:30
    5. jalalaref
      I have a feeling Apple’s facing some serious lawsuit for failure of the employee to sell an iPad to Iranian fella speaking in Farsi #AAPL

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:42:40
    6. Brandon Hamil McKerley
      Wow, this is a bit much and I suspect will get the company/sales rep in more than a little hot water.

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:26:29
    7. Raymond Whelan
      First we had the Soup Nazi, now the Apple products Nazi – Ha!

      Wed, Jun 20 2012 16:29:08

Read full story on my Storify page.

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