Outside the Box

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I came across this Vimeo video on Good Finder and was inspired by it because my math experience was completely the opposite in school.  Math was not fun or exciting as a youngster.  In fact, I struggled throughout my entire schooling (elementary, junior high, high school and college).  Not because I wasn’t interested, didn’t study, or seek help from teachers and tutors.  In retrospect, I believe it was the old-school, stale teaching style.

What this video demonstrates is that you can teach a cerebral subject like multiplication and division in a way that’s engaging, interactive, fun, and motivational.

Mr. Joe Semsar (and other teachers like you), thank you for thinking outside of the box!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch Joe Semsar (1:38) of Lanier Charter Elementary School, Baton Rouge, LA win the 2011 Teacher of The Year – Advance Baton Rouge Charter Schools

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